At Colmore Farms we have produced Salers cattle that work in the South as well as other parts of the country; and we continue to improve our genetic base to meet the demands of the cattle industry as a whole. Our progress has proven itself in the show and sale rings.

We offer registered Salers cattle: bulls, females and semen.

2019 Focused on the Future Online Heifer Sale

Focused on the Future
Online Heifer Sale: 10.10.19!

Five out of the last six National Grand Champion Females were raised at Colmore Farms.

The last two Champion Heifers at the Junior Nationals came out of this sale.  Click for details

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Four Time Champion

Colmore Farms: Registered Salers  Cattle / Bulls for Sale
Two Timin' Denver | 2009 National Grand Champion Heifer

In January 2009 Two Timin' was named National Grand Champion Heifer at The National Western Stock Show in Denver by Judge Wes Hudson.


JCGC Xtra Hot 081X was named 2011 National Champion Optimizer Heifer in Denver at the National Western Stock Show.

DJF Whiskey River

DJF Whiskey River 9006X was named 2011 National Grand Champion Bull in Denver at the National Western Stock Show.